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The Advent School’s ADVENTures program is an activities-based program available from 3:15-6:00 PM Monday-Thursday and from 12:30-6:00 PM on Fridays. With a wide variety of classes, we offer instruction for students in the Arts, Environmental Studies, indoor and outdoor Learning, and World Language. Parents may pick up their child at 5:00 PM or in “Late Club” until 6:00 PM. Registration is twice a year, prior to the start of school and in January for the second term.

Beginning in the Spring 2013 semester, Afterschool is partnering with MIT to support undergraduates as they explore the field of teaching and learning in a course titled “D-Lab Education”. According to the MIT course description, “through an overview of core teaching skills emphasizing experiential and project-based learning, students gain the background and skills to nurture creativity in youth and develop interactive lessons around science, technology, engineering and math”. Our Afterschool class “Learning Across Borders”, open to Kindergarten and First Grade students, explores the use of various tools, materials and design elements used around the world, and provides the opportunity for students to design and create their own models as well. Kindergarten teacher Amber Lowe is one of the mentor teachers for the course; she has opened her Afterschool class for observations and instruction from two undergraduates. Activities include student airs using descriptive language to describe an animal that only one child could see while the other drew it learning about different types of soil and using ‘sand paint’ to map the world and create a puzzle to be pieced together, and exploring different houses around the world and the local resources that inform the design.

Spring 2014 ADVENTures Brochure

The full brochure for the Spring 2014 ADVENTures program is now available for download. (The brochure is a 14MB PDF, so please be patient).

Afterschool Information for Parents

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Please email Natalie Brubaker with questions or comments about after-school programming.

“At the Advent School, kids are valued as students but also as individuals. The teachers take the time to get to know us – and our differences are just part of what makes our school stronger. During my 7 years here, I’ve always felt encouraged to explore my interests (definitely Math and Science) and have received support in more challenging subjects. Advent also gives students a voice. Students speak up and participate; we are encouraged to be honest and say what we think and even if someone disagrees with an idea, they respect their peers’ opinion. The Advent community has given me an opportunity to make true friends who support me and respect who I am. The teachers have always made learning fun but have also motivated me to work on the things I didn’t want to try and wasn’t as good at – this has opened my mind to subjects and ideas I would never have known about otherwise. I’ve really enjoyed my Advent experience and will take all I’ve learned - academic and personally – with me to my next school. ~Connor Bertsch Advent School Sixth Grader ”

— Advent Sixth Grade